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Elk kind telt mee

In februari 2018 hebben we een project in Zuid Afrikamet als thema "elk kind telt mee".
We richten ons daarbij op de situatie voor de kinderen onder de leeftijd van 5 jaar. We kijken naar voeding, schoon water, voorlichting ouders, malaria bestrijding.

Since 2011, three million more South Africans have been pushed below the poverty line, according to a study by the national data agency, Statistics South Africa, released this week. More than 30.4 million South Africans—55.5% of the population—live on less than 992 rand (about $75) per person per month.


In general, children (aged 17 years and younger), black Africans, females, people from rural areas, those living in the Eastern Cape and Limpopo, and those with little or no education are the main victims in the ongoing struggle against poverty.

 In the figure above, we see that while poverty is highest amongst children (aged 0–17), poverty levels tend to drop as one gets older and only starts to increase again from the age of 55 onwards. The poverty gap, as well as the severity of poverty, shows a similar trend to the poverty headcount for the 0–17 age group. Poverty gap values highlight that not only are children more likely to be poor but they are also residing in households that are further away from the poverty line.

 Growing up in poverty is one of the greatest threats to healthy childhood development. Unfortunately, in 2015 this was a reality for over 13 million children living in South Africa according to the latest Living Conditions Survey data.

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